The challenge

  • With a growing number and diversity of products that require audio components, our OEM partners are working in an environment of ever shorter product life cycles, increasing cost pressure, and customers demanding ways of setting themselves apart.
  • OEM partners need to be in a position to offer the best possible audio and active noise management solutions for a given system architecture with the option to scale to support multiple platforms.

The solution

HARMAN’s comprehensive tool and functionality suite ensures high quality for all kinds of audio products, and allows fast market entry. The suite offers smart, seamless, and intuitive solutions that make configuring the audio algorithm database and DSP framework easy. It also simplifies the process of tuning and controlling the various algorithms.
Moreover, the suite’s scalable and modular platform offers an independent solution that can be used even in distributed systems.

The 3 key pillars


The standardized algorithm toolbox has more than 200 audio objects. It can host both in-house and third-party audio objects, which makes interoperability easier to set up.


The standardized DSP framework speeds up the design process and allows for a quick transfer to the target platform. At the same time, it is highly flexible and efficient.


This tool makes it possible to configure the audio algorithm database framework seamlessly and intuitively, as well as to tune the algorithm suite, from the comfort of your laptop, smartphone, and tabs.
Today, around 25 million cars around the world are equipped with our branded audio systems. GTT brings together decades of tuning experience for a broad range of car audio systems. This best practice approach to tuning meets diverse global customer needs.


  • Your needs can be met thanks to the flexible framework that offers unlimited customization options
  • GTT support both real and virtual tuning environments
  • Easy-to-use HMI and data handling make tuning more efficient
  • The tuning of both audio technologies and active noise management technologies is covered with a single tool
xAF is a single audio framework that can be applied across platforms and projects. It provides a single workflow and structure for the development and use of audio features.


  • The lightweight and optimized framework enables a small memory and CPU print
  • The platform independent implementation guarantees full flexibility in hardware selection
  • xAF is tightly coupled with AAT & GTT: it is the glue that binds AudioworX
  • xAF enables rapid prototyping, demo creation, and debugging
  • Signal flows can be created in real time, and profiling carried out for different hardware configurations.
With multiple GRAMMY awards and countless accolades for engineering excellence, HARMAN's audio experts and technologies are consistently honored for outstanding performance in the realm of audio systems.
AAT now gives you the opportunity to bring the audio technologies from HARMAN's consumer, professional, and automotive divisions into the car, and enhance the end user’s audio experience.
With GTT and xAF, you now have a plug-and-play system to include these algorithms, which is suitable for a broad range of HARMAN or third-party products. Using HARMAN's Software Development Kit, items from the AAT can be installed, customized and run seamlessly on a laptop, in an amplifier, or in a soundbar.

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